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    Hey Misfits,

    I know some of you use, or are interested in using WordPress for your website/blog. WordPress is a great platform, but it can be technically challenging to setup and maintain. Since not all of you have been programming from the age of 9, I thought I could help some of you out.

    For the past 7 years I have been running my own web server with WordPress. It is super fast, very reliable, and backed up daily. Besides being a kick ass setup, it has more capacity then I could possibly use. So I decided to open up my little corner of the Internet to help out some misfits.

    If you want to setup a WordPress blog but don’t want to mess with databases, the command line, or crappy hosting companies then here is what I can do for you:

    • Take care of setting up your blog and custom web address
    • Make sure everything stays up to date (WordPress, plugins, and themes)
    • Help you install any custom themes or plugins you might need (like podcasting, e-commerce)
    • Defend your site from those evil spam bots!

    Why am I doing this?

    First of all I want to help out my fellow misfits! Changing the world is hard enough, and you shouldn’t have to go at it alone. Besides I’ve got this server, which I’m not using to its full capacity, and it seems like a waste to just use it all for myself.

    Second, I fundamentally believe that technical chops shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting your message out there. Writing, publishing, and creating a website are hard enough as it is, you shouldn’t have to worry about that programing stuff as well.

    What does it cost?

    Since everyone’s situation is different, here is what I propose:

    • If you just want to play around with WordPress, need a basic site, or need a test environment, then I’ll host you for free. Most of the hosting work I end up doing for my own sites, so adding one more person isn’t a big deal.

    • If you want to do anything more complex (like podcasting), and would like to help me with my server fees,  you can name your price. I’m suggesting $5/month, but it’s totally up to you.

    • If you would like a matching email address for your website (example: name@myawesomewebsite.com) it will be an additional $4/month, because that is what Google charges me.

    Getting started

    All this sound good? Well I setup a simple survey to get you started. If you have any questions you can always email me at dewittn@nelsonroberto.com.

    Finally, this offer is just for the Misfits. I may open it up to other people but I want to see how this goes first.


    What websites are you currently hosting?
    Here are a few examples of sites that run on my server.

    Can you purchase my domain?
    Sure, I can do that. But keep in mind that domains are like real estate, you probably want to be in control of your own property.

    Can you design a custom theme for me?
    Honestly I’m not really a designer, I’m a techie. I can trouble shoot and help you install a custom theme but when it comes to choosing color pallets I’m lost.

    Can you teach me how to use WordPress?
    If you have specific questions I could help you with that but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to teaching people. However there are plenty of online courses or YouTube videos that can help you out.

    If my site get bigger will you change more?
    The short answer is no. If it really becomes a problem (like your sites gets so much traffic that I need to upgrade my server) we can talk about it, but other than that no.

    Can you host a non-Wordpress based site?
    Probably, but let’s talk about it first. I don’t want to promise anything I can’t deliver.

    Can I host a business site or just a personal site?
    Either one or both. Again, lets talk about it first.

    Why are you so awesome?
    I have no idea, you tell me…

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    My name is Nelson de Witt, but I was born Roberto Coto. Separated from my birth family during El Salvador’s civil war, by death and adoption, I was reunited with them at the age of 16.

    I’m a jack of all trades that has done everything from business process design to video production to server administration to film photography. I’ve run, consulted on, and wrote a book about Crowdfunding campaigns. I’ve taught myself everything from Ruby on Rails to narrative story structure.

    What do all these things have in common?

    I’m a skilled problem solver who can tackle complex issues and find solutions that combine art with outcomes.

    20 Years Ago Today

    Chapter I: Reunion

    Ana & Isabel’s Reunion

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