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    First of all, thank you for considering me for your event. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to event photographers and I’m flattered that you would think of me. Unfortunately, event photography is not something that I usually do.

    Here are the reasons why:

    1. It’s not my focus. Steve Jobs once said, “Everyone thinks focus is about saying yes. No. Focus is about saying no.” I work on a lot of projects from books to websites to films, and those projects require a lot my of time and energy. While saying yes to a single event might not seem like a big distraction, I’ve learned that for me it can be. The truth is that event photography is just not a priority for me right now.
    2. I primarily shoot film. While I love the texture and quality of the film, it is not as flexible as shooting digital. If an event space is too dark, or the event is at night, it can be challenging to get great shots.
    3. I don’t have the right camera. My primary camera was made in 1985 and has a broken light meter, as well as problems with [light leak](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_leak). While I can deal with these issues with my photography, I don’t feel comfortable using this equipment to photograph an event.

    If you are still interested in working with me, my rates are:

    $750 for a 1/2 day (5 hours or less)

    $1400 for a full day.

    This covers the cost of any equipment I might have to rent and my time editing the photos. Please note that I do not work for free or for exposure. Sorry, but I can’t pay the bills with exposure.

    Do you really need an event photographer?

    Most of the time when someone asks me to photograph an event they are just looking for someone to take a few nice photos at their event.  If this is you, then I’m probably not a good fit. I take my work seriously and put a lot of time and effort into taking the best photos I can.

    Hiring me also means I will be working and I won’t be able to enjoy your event. So if you would like me to attend your event as a guest, then simply invite me as you would normally. Chances are I will bring my camera, and I will be happy to pass along any photos I capture.

    If you still think you need  an event photographer, here are my recommendations:

    1. Setup a hashtag. Cell phones are so ubiquitous that in most cases an event photographer is over kill. You could even make it a contest to see who can submit the best photo from the event.

    2. Try freelancing sites. Look on craigslist or other freelancing sites for someone who will work for a lower rate.

    If, after reading everything above, you are still interested in having me shoot your event, then please email me to discuss the details.

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