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    • Inside The Journey (2013 - Present)

      As part of our work on Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, myself and John Younger launched the Inside the Journey Podcast to share our progress and interview people who were affected by El Salvador’s 13 year long civil war.
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    • The ShutUp Show: Finding What Connects Us and Changing Your World (2014)

    • Books and Beer: Publishing with Kickstarter (2012)

    • Kickstarter Guide: Interview Series (2011 - 2013)

    • Newton Public Access: Sunny Side of the Street (2007)

    Talks & Presentations

    • Workbar Boston (July 2016)

      In this meetup, we will be hearing from Alecia and Nelson, experienced filmmakers that have worked on a range of projects, product promotions an crowdfunding campaigns on what not to do when you are filming your crowd funding or product videos.

      We’ll also be sharing local crowdfunding campaigns that are underway – so if you have a campaign that you will be about to launch, or will be live, then please let us know (email: crowd at hazelbutters.com) so we can give you a shout out and include you on handouts for the evening.

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    • Wayland High School (Febuary 2016)

      Above is Nelson de Witt, who spoke to WHS students during Winter Week. de Witt shared his experience of discovering that he was one of the missing children taken from his family in El Salvador during the Salvadoran Civil War. “It’s important to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, but it is often very hard to do so,” de Witt said.

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    • Mass Innovation Nights (June 2015)

      In June of 2015, I spoke at Wass Innovations nights to announce the launch of the Mama Chila Foundation.

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    • Dexter Southfield: 2nd Annual Diversity Day (January 2015)

      In January 2015 I returned to Dexter Southfield for their 2nd annual Diversity Day. I gave an update about my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, and talked about what it meant to work on a project over the course of several years.

    • Boston Story Slam (December 2014)

    • Yale University (October 2014)

      In October of 2014, I spoke at an event put on by the Association of Salvadoreños at Yale (ASY). I shared a few scenes from my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, and talked to them about what it meant to them to be a generation removed from the war in El Salvador.

    • Aurora, NY Community (September 2014)

      In September of 2014, I showed an eight-minute preview of my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, at the Aurora Free Library and Wells College. They were two great events which were met with great enthusiasm by the local community.

    • Worcester State College (April 2014)

      In April of 2014, I showed an eight-minute preview of my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, to a group of students at Worcester State College.

    • Wentworth Insitute of Technology: Accelerate Program (Febuary 2014)

      In February of 2014, I spoke to the Wentworth Accelerate Program about Kickstarter and entrepreneurship. I help students think about how they could use Kickstarter to get funding and how to tell the story of their idea.

    • Emmerson College: Entrepreneurial Class (Febuary 2014)

      In February 2014, I spoke to students at Emmerson college about how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

    • Dexter Southfield: 1st Annual Diversity Day (January 2014)

      In January 2014, I spoke at Dexter Southfield for their 1st annual Diversity Day. I showed an eight-minute preview of my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto.

    • Misfit Con (May 2013)

      In May of 2013 I showed an eight-minute preview of my film, Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto, to the attendees of the very first Misfit Conference in Fargo, ND.

    • McCarter & English Presents: Alternatives to Angel & VC Financing (December 2012)

      Crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter have become very popular in recent years. These sites give people the sense that the world will just discover, support, and love their project. But that’s not always the case. Why do some projects generate enough interest to be greatly overfunded, and others just fall short?

      In this talk, Nelson de Witt, author of “A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter,” will help you understand how crowdfunding actually works, and what it takes to run an effective campaign.  Drawing on lessons learned from his own experience and from studies of hundreds of Kickstarter projects, Mr. de Witt will discuss the most critical components that lead to a project’s success and why crowdfunding platforms are so misunderstood.

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    • #140 Conference NYC (June 2012)

    • U. Chicago: Robert H. Kirschner MD Memorial Human Rights Lecture (May 2012)

    • Lasell College (November 2011)

      Margaret E. Ward, wife of Lasell’s President Emeritus Thomas E.J. de Witt, shared her family’s touching story of international adoption and its connection to the Salvadoran Civil War Wednesday as she read from her new book, Missing Mila, Finding Family: An International Adoption in the Shadow of the Salvadoran Civil War.

      The event, which was held in Lasell’s de Witt Hall, included a talk and reading by Ward and a discussion of a new documentary film by Ward’s son Nelson de Witt, whose adoption is the subject of the book.

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    • PHR press conference (2007)

    20 Years Ago Today

    Chapter I: Reunion

    Ana & Isabel’s Reunion

    Get updates about the release of my upcoming book, Waking From Innocent Dreams.

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    My name is Nelson de Witt, but I was born Roberto Coto. Separated from my birth family during El Salvador’s civil war, by death and adoption, I was reunited with them at the age of 16.

    I’m a jack of all trades that has done everything from business process design to video production to server administration to film photography. I’ve run, consulted on, and wrote a book about Crowdfunding campaigns. I’ve taught myself everything from Ruby on Rails to narrative story structure.

    What do all these things have in common?

    I’m a skilled problem solver who can tackle complex issues and find solutions that combine art with outcomes.

    20 Years Ago Today

    Chapter I: Reunion

    Ana & Isabel’s Reunion

    Misfit Con: A Home for Dreams, Doers, and Makers

    Why you should support (and share) your friend’s work.

    You are not a failure…

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